The prophet can be said to have many functions, including but not limited to prophesying, intercession, giving counsel, or even governing a nation, but if we are to gain a basic understanding of the underlying principles of prophetic protocol there is one truth that must first be grasped. The entirety of the prophet’s purpose will always center around two things: perception and disclosure.
Indeed, all of the failings which occur in the execution prophetic ministry have to do with one or both of these two things. Sometimes at the heart of the problem is a lack of maturity on the part of the prophet, or even presumption, but regardless of the causality of a prophetic misstep, mistakes of any sort in the perceiving or disclosure of prophetic revelation can be dangerous, even disastrous for believers, especially if they are new to the faith or weak in it.
Over the last fifteen years in my study of scripture and in executing prophetic ministry I have observed that there is a definitive protocol that, when followed, will prevent errors both in perception and disclosure. In some cases, these were things which the Lord showed me during times of consecration and study, or which He brought to my attention when I observed erroneous prophecies, or when the Lord stopped me before I put my foot in my mouth.
Doubtless there are those who may make the claim that they are led by the spirit, and therefore don’t need any rules to work by, but most of the time such assertions are an indicator that the opposite is true, because the fruit of the Holy Spirit includes discipline.

-From 6 Rules of Prophetic Protocol