Leaders, it’s not enough to merely try to motivate people toward a pursuit of a higher worldly standard of living. Ask yourself, “How much of the gospel am I preaching to how much of these people’s lives, how much of God’s power is really present in our ministering, and how much of ME is in the way of the peoples’ deliverance?”

Aren’t you tired of churches full of people chasing the dream who are emotional, spiritual, psychological, and relational wrecks? Yes, we often claim to minister to the whole man, but the the abundant wreckage readily to be seen overwhelms this claim with the reality that perhaps we need to repent of our own plans, agendas, and perceptions so that the gospel can be preached in full and bondage overthrown.

Don’t plant a church, plant a community. Don’t build a mere place of worship, but build a place of refuge, restoration, and education. Don’t just preach topical sermons, teach the whole gospel with the aim of equipping people to do more and to be more than you ever could.