One of the reasons people leave churches is that our basic paradigm of what constitutes a church is fundamentally flawed. We tend to build an organization rather than a community, an institution rather than an embassy of the kingdom. Because of this kind of focus, the foundation of a ministry is usually centered around one person, who will usually style themselves as some sort of visionary, when all the while they are blind to the fact of their lack of omnipresence. No real vision from God is ever intended to be confined to your preaching, teaching, and plans… in fact, a genuine vision from God will make it necessary for you to be inadequate to meet its needs and carry out its mission. Moses led Israel out, but they had to be trained for war, and Moses did NONE of the fighting. This never means you should lay every burden on the people, but rather that you are intended to so equip them and intercede for them that victory is inevitable.