Do you need a word from the Lord? Do you want a sure word of prophecy because you need answers now?

For the next two days, spend one hour praying for someone else who needs to hear from God. You don’t need to ask them what their need is; pray in the spirit, pray that they hear the Lord clearly, that any obstacles to clarity be identified and removed, that they mend any fences that need mending, and eat any crow that needs eating, so to speak. Pray that their passion for their first works returns, that they seek His face and not his hand, that their worship would be pure and their life unsullied by the weight of sin and the carnal, petty, and selfish motives that so often beset us all.

Instead of asking some prophet for a word today, pick someone and intercede for them as if they were your dearest family member and they were going to die unsaved.

Don’t just do this because you want a word for yourself, but do it to release the understandable, but selfish human tendency to obsess over our own needs. Remember, God turned Job’s captivity when he prayed for his friends.

I believe that for quite a few of you, you will find a new place of intimacy with God in doing this.

Be blessed