“Because no prophecy ever came by the will of man; instead, men spoke from God as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.” (2 Peter 1:21)

prophet-jeremiahI’ve observed over the years an insidious trend in prophetic ministry whereby many prophets have come to believe that they can decree or declare something, and God will just make it come to pass. While there may be times when God may inspire us to decree something, doing so out of our own will is a tremendously arrogant presumption. As we can see from the above Scripture, prophecy does not come by the will of man, so simply declaring what you want is NOT prophecy.

Now, I know some will argue that they are doing so by the Holy Ghost, but I find this doubtful at best, because the Spirit of God was given to man that GOD’s will would be done in our life, not our own will. I have also observed that such ‘prophets’ usually show other signs of immaturity and carnality, because ultimately they are still selfish.

One of the significant dangers of this sort of presumption in a prophet (or anyone else for that matter) is that their decrees and declarations will nearly always fail to come to pass, and this will have a tendency to cause chaos and disappointment in the lives of those to whom they ‘minister.’ Recently a saint came to me about a word that was given to them that did not come to pass. I prayed about it, and found that some prophet had made one of these presumptuous ‘decrees’ but had not actually heard ANYTHING from God on the matter.

It was concerning something that was of great importance to this saint, who was very young in the Lord, having just been marvelously saved with a beautiful testimony. But now this new saint was being tormented by this ‘word,’ because of the fear, doubt, and unbelief it had stirred in her life.

Prophets, this kind of presumption is dangerous and very displeasing to God. His people, great and small, are PRECIOUS to Him.

It’s time to stop the nonsense. For some of you, this is the last warning you will receive, and for others, your consequences are already set in motion and will not be turned back.