LIVE Discipleship and Teaching

Jesus instructed his apostles to make disciples out of people, so every Thursday we take some time to teach the word of God with the aim of building God’s people in a faith that will stand up to everything life might throw at us. Sessions are recorded and uploaded to our Youtube channel. Just click on ‘Podcast’ to view.

To tune in, just follow these 5 easy steps:

To find our broadcast, follow this process:
1. Download Periscope
2. One you’ve signed in, tap the icon at the top that looks like 3 people.
3. Now, tap the icon at the bottom right that looks like a magnifying glass
4. Now type Sam Medina or Rift Church, and you’ll see my picture.
5. Click the add icon, which looks like a person with a + sign next to it.
Now, once you’re in periscope, it will notify you when we’re broadcasting and you can just click to join.

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