Created just this past fall, our Facebook group is already nearly 2000 strong. Based on Sam’s best-selling book, 7 Keys to Prophetic Maturity, this group was launched to provide a place where God’s people could learn about the prophetic and receive prophetic ministry in accordance with Scripture. This group is for people who:

  • Want to learn about the prophetic
  • Have the gift of prophecy and want to learn how to administer it properly
  • Are called to the office of the Prophet, and desire to come to a place of maturity in it.
  • Have urgent prayer requests
  • Need a real word from the Lord

The group is open to all earnest believers, but bear in mind that we do not edit what the Lord gives us to say, and our chief aim is to please God not man. Click here to join.

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  1. Saw you for the first time on youtube tonight. Your blunt and truthful statements got my attention.
    I need your prayers. God bless,

    • Will be praying for you. feel free to join our Facebook group, Prophetic Maturity. We have a great team of intercessors.

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