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Exposing the False Prophet

Over the last few weeks I had so many people asking questions about prophecy, I’d wanted to start a teaching series on. But then I just knew I’d have to begin with something on false prophets. I hope this teaching...
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How to Prophesy

I shot this little video while my wife was grocery shopping. Sorry for my shaky hand. 🙂 With so many schools charging thousands of dollars teaching people to guess or to try to prophesy, I have a burden on my...
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Prophetic Timing

A quick word about releasing prophecy at the appropriate time. The prophet, or anyone with a gift of prophecy, must take care to disclose prophetic revelation when God directs them to do so. When I was younger, an older prophet had...
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These Bones Have a Name

For the inaugural podcast of The RIFT Online Church, the Lord led me to Ezekiel 37 in regard to the coming move of God that so many of us have been waiting for. There are many of you living in...
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