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Flattery and the false prophet

Once a false prophet has secured a means whereby they may begin to gain influence, and often before this, they will make use of flattery to build rapport with key individuals. A lying tongue hateth those that are afflicted by...
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Secrets of the Prophetic Life

There’s so much about life in the prophetic life that should be obvious, even common sense, but in today’s world of widespread chicanery, they may as well be secrets. Much of this has more to do with habits of character than...
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Brian Carn, the Lord rebuke you

;nbsp It recently came to light that Brian Carn’s ‘prophecies’ for 2015 were plagiarized from a psychic who posted the same predictions 11 months before he did. Rather than repent, Brian has refused to admit to any wrongdoing. Let’s discuss...
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Should the Church ‘reclaim’ occult practices?

  Sorry for not shaving 🙂 Some very popular ministries are now saying that we should ‘reclaim’ occult practices like astral projection and having spirit guides because they ‘belong’ to the church. In John 16:13, Jesus said that the Holy Spirit...
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Amazing Superbowl Prophecy. NOT!

Looks like David E. Taylor took his ‘Amazing’ prophecy about the Superbowl off Youtube… He’d claimed that the Holy Spirit ‘witnessed’ to him that the Broncos would win… ROFL. Prophets, please stop drinking your own Kool-Aid....
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