Do clothes make the Man of God?

Listen up, my brothers who lead in churches of color. I know, churches of all ethnicities are often guilty in this area, but today I am appealing to you. Please, stop trying to emulate the catholic church with the elaborate vestments and ‘pope’ hats. If you do some research, or investigate the matter in prayer, you will find that the vestments and croziers of which you have become so enamoured originate in ancient Babylon’s mystery religion.

Put off these pretentious garments, and put on Christ. Emulation is a work of the flesh, and God has called you far above the need to indicate your office by what you wear.

There was once a man who was said to be an apostle. While at a conference, he fell behind the group that was on its way to the hotel penthouse for a private meeting of the apostles. Now, a special keycard was required to reach the penthouse. Without it, the elevator would stop at the 10th floor. The man got on the elevator, hit the button for the penthouse, and a few moments later, he stepped out onto the top floor and went to the meeting. For the duration of the conference, he was the only person who could access the penthouse without a keycard.

When God has really called you, his hand upon your life will set you apart in a way that no attire can, and it will open doors that no man can shut. #PutOnChrist