You become what you think

“As he thinks in his heart, so is he.” – Proverbs 27:3
When I was 15, I was about 5’3″ and just under 120 lbs. However, I was determined to become really strong, and because I had a lot of trouble gaining weight, I decided I would get stronger without getting any bigger.

So I studied strength, from bodybuilding to powerlifting to the phenomenon of hyperplasia and muscle fiber recruitment. The latter two in particular were fascinating. With the right methods, muscle fibers can split in two and eventually return to their original size. This is great for gaining mass, but it also means that even if you never gain mass you have a greater number of muscle fibers to recruit to any particular effort. With the right methods, you can train your muscles to recruit more fibers. On average most people use 30% of their muscle fibers even in a maximum effort. If you can even recruit 40%, you’re going to be 1/3 stronger than someone of the same size and body composition.

If you add to this careful training to improve the neurological pathways to the muscles and you’re fairly lean, you can be stronger even than people much larger than you.

The result for me was bench pressing 270 lbs at a body weight of 117. Years later, at 143 lbs, I could military press 255 lbs 8 times, and I could bench press well over 300 lbs.

Now, what if someone were to apply the same sort of discipline and focused effort to a business or ministry?