It’s one thing to answer the calling on your life, and another to fulfill it.

Okay, so you’ve found what you really want to do or be in life. How close are you to it?

You may far off, but that’s okay. You have at least identified a target, and in that you are ahead of most people. When God has genuinely called you to something he isn’t always going to map out every step of it for you at the outset. Why? No one can really say for sure, but it appears that the answer may lie here:

“Behold the proud, his soul is not upright in him; but the just shall live by his faith.” -Habakkuk 2:4

We are called to walk by faith, so there will be many times when our actions will have to be based on our trust of God. While God may not give you the entire plan, he will give you at least some of it, but the reason many of us can’t quite seem to hear God’s voice in our quest for purpose is that we tend to seek our goal rather than the one who gave it. Yes, it is true that we need to set goals and take steps toward them. It’s good to make plans and carry them out, but how much time and energy have you placed in seeking God?

My challenge to you today is to take spend some time with God, not with an agenda, not  because you want something from him, but simply because you crave him, and you will find that the details of the accomplishment of your purpose will become more clear.