What are YOUR standards?

That the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.  Р2 Timothy 3:17

Every occupation, every calling and vocation, every profession has certain standards by which it is determined whether an individual, organization, or group is fit to perform the functions, operations, activities, or responsibilities thereof so that they may reap the benefits of the profession.

In the financial industry, one must pass various examinations in order to obtain the licenses required to conduct business. Even then, a ten-year background check and the filing of one’s fingerprints with law enforcement and regulatory agencies is mandatory, and continued licensing is contingent upon meeting certain standards of conduct, creditworthiness and professionalism. For example, it is very difficult to become a stockbroker if one has been convicted of or has pleaded ‘no contest’ to a felony charge in the tend years preceding their application for a license. This is deemed necessary because these individuals are asking to be trusted with the investments are personal information of others in a way that can have a lasting impact on their future. Once licensed, a financial professional can lose his license, possibly permanently, if he does not observe the laws and standards of the securities industry. Conviction on an unrelated felony charge can also lead to loss of licensing. Likewise, attorneys, accountants, and a great many others in a wide variety of occupations must not only meet certain standards to be considered fit for their profession, but their licenses must be kept in good standing. Conduct or practices contrary to the standards of the profession can lead to a removal from that profession, and in some cases can lead to criminal charges as well.

from Fitness for Spiritual Warfare

My challenge to you today is to take some time to consider what your standards are. Are they higher or lower than the ones set for those who watch over things far less valuable than the souls of men?