It’s just a game?

Even if we assume that the creators of entertainments which present abominations things as wholesome have no malicious intent, or that their products have no direct demonic power, we must consider a principle of warfare known as mass. In the military, soldiers are trained to never waste ammunition, because, after all, they can only carry so much of it, and it does, after all, cost money. Likewise, the enemy’s resources are not unlimited, so if he can cause an entire generation of people to come under the curse of practicing abominations without actually having to commit any of his limited power to them, he is then able to bring damnation on large groups of people without expending much of his resources. This in turn creates a sort of ‘surplus’ of spiritual power which can then be used elsewhere. Not the least of these uses has been the sowing of sin, discord, rebellion, and wickedness within the church, and in conforming the culture of Christianity to that of the world. These changes in cultural, multi-cultural, or even cross-cultural consciousness and conscience are most effectively accomplished according to the efforts and designs of those spirits which occupy the high places of the world… are they are often accomplished through media and entertainment.
Let us therefore take a closer look at what we allow into our homes and minds, and what we allow to occupy our time, because in the end, it’s not just a game.