A word on direction

‘Why do you seek the living among the dead?’
-Luke 24:5
Some of you lack direction because you keep trying to find your destiny in things God appointed to die in your life, while you keep mistaking the dream he resurrected for something common, like a gardener.

When the women went to tend to the body of Jesus, they mistook the risen Savior for the gardener. Why? Because their focus was on performing a duty for the dead, despite the Lord’s promise that he would rise. They saw him die, and so they returned to ‘business as usual,’ and did what was done for the dead. Likewise, many of us have received a dream, a vision, or a promise from God in regard to what He has called us to do. However, when an apparent setback has occurred, or things just don’t seem to be moving along the way we’d like them to, we tend to get into a mindset of ‘damage control,’ or ‘making the best of it,’ when in fact God’s plan never changed. In some cases, we end up returning to familiar things, like traditions or relationships that we’re just used to.

This also happens when God has signalled a transition in our lives, and we end up trying to dress up something God intended to be dead, and this always results in our not noticing what He has been restoring to life. This is especially true in regard to relationships. Much in the way the Jews of Christ’s time would anoint a dead body with perfumes and spices, we have a tendency to try to cover up the stench of death in the things we’re clinging to when we should have let them go.

God has not changed his mind about¬†you.¬†He didn’t just save you to spare you from hell, but rather also to equip you for service in His kingdom. I challenge you to stop looking for ways to dress up those dead things in your life and step into what God has for you today.