It’s not always demonic bondage.

Many people are not ‘bound,’ they’re simply unwilling to turn from their sin. While they are bound as a consequence of their sin, very often people who appear to be trapped in a cycle of sinful behavior are not always stuck in their sin because of a demonic bondage. In some cases, the unclean spirits in their lives are just along for the ride, and while they may be exerting some influence, the individual’s own decision to continue to enjoy doing the wrong thing is the heart of the matter.

I found this too be true in my younger days. I didn’t ‘struggle’ with fornication as much as I jumped into it with gleeful abandon. I couldn’t blame the devil, the flesh, or the cute girl down the street. It was never a mistake, but rather a choice. Likewise, for many people out there the key to the deliverance they seem to need lies in their own ability to make a decision as to whom they will serve: God, or their own tainted will. There are cases in which deliverance from demonic strongholds is necessary, but the truth for most of us is that we just need to make up our own minds.

What will you decide today?