Validating ministries?

The insistence by church leaders that your call must somehow have their endorsement to be ‘validated’ is often nothing more than man’s jealous attempt to retain control over people. usually the reasoning behind this is that a genuine calling will always be recognized by established authority. In Jesus’ day, the recognized authorities were the law scholars, the Pharisees, the saducees, and a priest…hood whose high priest was chosen by the Roman government… and these people were the ones who had Jesus crucified. The truth is that while sometimes leadership will validate your call, very often they will suppress you or even try to set you up to stumble.I’ve known leaders who preach this covering/validation doctrine, and they were some of the most jealous, controlling people I’ve ever known. I recall one night when an invited preacher hadn’t arrived yet, they stalled by asking if anyone had any testimonies. An unassuming young man raised his hand and told of how he encountered an insane homeless man with a shin that was crooked because it had broken years ago and healed poorly. The young man prayed for the leg to be straightened, and commanded the spirits in the man to leave and never return. The next time he encountered this man, he was in clean clothes, in his right mind, working a job, and walking on a STRAIGHT leg.

The look on the presiding preacher’s face was one I’ll never forget. Rather than glorifying God right away, envy took hold of his features before he dismissed that powerful testimony with insincere praise toward the God he claimed to represent.

Leaders, you should want the folks in your church to work greater miracles than you do. Never forget that fathers always acquire most of their honor through their sons. Disagree? Just remember that every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord for the glory of God the Father. Lay your jealousy and personal agenda aside!

If God has really called you, it may very well happen that no established leader will ‘validate’ that call. The pastor of the young man in the example above actually went to great lengths to make sure that the young preacher would not be welcome anywhere in the region. Don’t look for man’s validation. Obey God’s call.