Thoughts on church leadership…

Preachers, if giving really releases prosperity, your churches wouldn’t be full of broke people. Despite how you’d want to place the blame fortheir lack on them, the truth is that YOU are the leader and where they are is a reflection of where you’re taking them. Moses operated under the LAW, and the whole nation prospered. You were given a better covenant, and the best most of you can do is to lin…e your own pockets at someone else’s expense while never giving them so much as a strategy for achievement.

You can keep your religious entertainment, and you better hope my business objectives are never met, because if they are, I will plant churches in all your cities and snatch God’s people away from your grasp. How long will they stay in your pimping center when the real deal becomes available to them?

I’m not calling you to repentance, because most of you are past that. I’m just letting you know that you’re running out of time.