How to Identify False Prophets, Part 2

Another way to identify a false prophet is the relationship between their prophecies and money. No prophet in the Bible ever required money to prophesy, and Micah 3:11 expressly condemns doing so. Now, some of them will point to the account of Saul and his servant trying to bring a present for the man of God as validation for their practice, but what they were bringing to Samuel amounted to pocket┬áchange… Interestingly enough, the dinner Samuel laid out for Saul would cost a few hundred dollars in some restaurants.

Some prophets will point to Elijah supposedly asking a widow for her last bit of food. However, GOD had commanded her to take care of Elijah before he showed up, and Elijah prophesied to her BEFORE she gave him anything. Also, the very nature of the miracle involved means that she would have seen the food multiply even as she poured out the flour and oil. That’s a far cry from the prophet trying to take your rent money with no guarantee that anything’s going to happen other than an eviction.

Some prophets will even claim that a prophetic word must be ‘sealed’ with a ‘seed.’ There is no Biblical basis for this practice. When my friend Bob was told he would die of cancer in a few weeks because the cancer had spread all over his body, I prophesied to him that he would not die, but he would live to declare the works of God. he never had to ‘seal’ the word, yet it came to pass. A few weeks later, ALL of the tumors were gone.

In 2010, I told my wife that New Brunswick was going to experience the worst natural disaster in its modern history. She was concerned, because we were living there. I then told her it would not happen until we left. The devastating storm that struck New Brunswick that year (worst in its history up t that point) began with a snowfall that started as we crossed over into Quebec on our way back to Ontario. Here, too, no seed was needed to seal it.

Years ago, a muslim friend of mine got angry when I told him we would get saved. He shouted that he was born a muslim and would die a muslim, and left in a huff. He sure wasn’t about to seal that word with a seed! A few months later, I ran into him again, and he’d gotten saved.

There may be times when God will direct you to give, and if He does, OBEY! However, beware any prophet who tries to give you the impression that you need to give them money for a word to be released. Some may justify it by saying that you should support the ministry, but the truth is they are committing a great sin of presumption in doing this. In Deuteronomy 18, we are told that the prophet must speak what God has COMMANDED him to speak. If he spoke even a REAL word that he hadn’t been COMMANDED to speak, the penalty was death.

Therefore, if God didn’t COMMAND you to speak that word, how can you dare to speak it to me, for any price? If, however, he did command you to speak it, how can you dare withhold it, demanding to be paid to do what God commanded you to do?

Saints, I encourage you to heartily bless the true men of God in your midst in whatever way God leads you to, but beware the prophet who tries to lead you to believe that you must pay him for the word of the Lord.