Prophecy vs The Word of the Lord

Is there a difference between prophecy and the word of the Lord? There are many opinions on this, but here is the truth of the matter.

The word of the Lord IS prophecy, but not all prophecy is the word of the Lord. We know this because a prophet’s word isn’t always inspired by the Lord. Some examples of other sources of prophetic inspiration:

1. Other ‘gods’ (the devil and his agents) Jeremiah 2:8, 23:13
2. The heart – Ezekiel 13:2,17.
3. The imagination – Jeremiah 23:16
4. A lying spirit sent by God as judgment 1 Kings 22:22

Thus the prophet SHOULD deliver the word of the Lord, but depending on the prophet’s character, and the circumstances, he just might not. This should be a sobering thought, and one which causes us to seek to steward the gift and office well.