Don’t be too quick to give a word

Sometimes a seer will see or otherwise perceive something about someone but they may not perceive it within its proper context or time frame. For example,a prophet’s word could have a lot of truth to it, but they had seen a condition which had already been resolved, mistook it for a present circumstance, and then spoke of it before understanding it fully . This can happen easily, especially if we’re very compassionate and caring.

There are times when as a seer you may perceive something, but it isn’t necessarily meant to be spoken or otherwise disclosed right away or even at all. In this particular instance it may have been best to pray into it a bit more to see whether God had something to say concerning those past things.

We must also be cautious when we receive such revelation because we can very easily get caught up in our own perception of what we’ve seen and then any prophetic message we have might very well be mixed with our own opinion. Don’t be in a hurry. Slow down, listen carefully, and pray for clarity before you release a word.