Direction requires correction!

Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellers they are established. — Proverbs 15:22

So many of the saints I talk to find themselves in a state of confusion, misdirection, or frustration, and very often they are members of seemingly thriving churches. They’ve spent years, or even decades, going to church, but have no real direction for their purpose. A few might even have a vision or known calling but still have no real idea where to begin or how to continue once they do.

So, what should they do about it? Such a situation requires a good honest look at whether you’re in the right environment to begin with. Now, that may sound harsh, but if church leadership hasn’t clarified your purpose at least enough for you to get started on it in ten years, it’s either poor leadership, or the wrong leadership for you, assuming you have been earnestly seeking God for yourself. You may need to find some new leadership. Even then, still need counsellors, advisors to move your purpose forward. Given what Proverbs tells us, it seems that the wie thing to do is to ensure we have advisors, and the right ones, to assist us in the pursuit of our vision.

The greatest athletes and entertainers in the world have coaches. In football, you have a head coach, offensive coaches, defensive coaches, special teams coaches, strength coaches, and so on. Great singers have voice coaches. They don’t mind spending a lot of money on all this coaching. Now I say this because very often one of the mental barriers that we often have when it comes to acquiring a Life Coach is we will think or say it’s too expensive.  Let’s examine this logic.

Let’s look at Scotty, who has some idea that he is called to be some kind of real estate investor with a prophetic evangelistic mission, according to several prophetic words he’s received over the last 10 years at 1st Missionry Baptist Church of Stuckville, Illinois. In 10 years at that church, Scotty has given $5000 a year in tithes, offerings, and other gifts. That’s $50,000.  But he’s stuck. he’s never had so much as ONE meeting with his pastor about his calling, or his pastor charges additional hourly fees for such meetings, which Scotty can’t afford because tithes, offerings and all the special giving has him tapped out. So Scotty has spent $50,000 to be stuck, without direction, frustrated and broke. Doesn’t that sound expensive to you?

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