The Floyd False Flag

George Floyd was a false flag event staged to be the supposed inspiration for all of this planned rioting and looting. Look up the mugshots of ‘Derek Chauvin.’ It’s not the same man from the video.

  • Younger
  • Different hairline
  • Different shape of head
  • Different jawline
  • Ears are set lower on the head

When they ‘checked’ Floyd for a pulse, enlarging the video reveals a syringe in the hand of the ‘EMT’ who has no EMT gear and does not perform any first aid or immobilize the head as would be standard procedure for a possible neck injury.
Floyd KNEW Chauvin, yet never speaks his name. Ths suggests he didn’t know the man on his neck. The man has most of his weight on the other knee on the ground, which explains why Floyd is able to move his head.
The amount of time the ‘cop’ is on his neck is 8 minutes 46 seconds.
The first WTC Tower was attacked at 8:46 AM.
There are no coincidences here.
A man identical to this ‘cop’ was at Sandy Hook AND the Boston Marathon bombing.

One thing I am certain of is that this IS a false flag.

As for the narrative of police brutality against blacks, that is also false. For the last 10 years in a row, more whites have been killed by police. In some years it is a LOT more, with one year seeing more than twice as many whites killed by police.
Most killings by police are lawful. The media will tell you a man was unarmed, but won’t tell you, for example, that the man ambushed an officer, knocked him down, took his taser and used it on him, then tried to take his gun. Out of the millions of police interactions with blacks in the last few years, 12 have been exploited as a wrongful death, and some of these were actually self defense.
However, at present, and for at least 10 years now, the data simply doesn’t support the narrative that police are racist and that there is systemic racism in law enforcement.
Has there been a lot of injustice in the past? Surely. But even that history is taught deceitfully. According to the records kept by the ships that transported slaves to America, a total of about 380,000 african slaves were imported, versus over 500,000 white slaves. This is to say nothing of the millions of white slaves sold elsewhere.
About 4.5% of whites owned slaves. 28% of free blacks owned slaves, and one of the biggest owners of slaves in the South was a black man. named WIlliam Ellison.
Even the idea that there is systemic oppression of black people is untrue. Most of the black community’s problems stem from amorality and the absence of fathers in the home. EVERY white community which has similar absences of fathers in the home has the same social problems. Instead of crack, they have meth.
Some of you will want to debate this, so let’s look at a bit of history often ignored by this ‘systemic racism’ narrative. During the early 1900s, the black communities in major cities were becoming more affluent than white communities. This was at the height of police brutality and KKK activity. Somehow, with the deck heavily stacked against it, the black community was still thriving. Why? Fathers were in the home then, and communities developed their own businesses, schools, healthcare, banks etc.., so money didn’t leave the community as it does now.
Are there some systemic factors? Yes, but it’s not entirely that.
You’re being lied to, but it’s a lie many want to believe because then it justifies, at least to them, the violent and lawless behavior being displayed. That preachers have been defending this behavior is absolutely disgraceful.
The goal here is to keep us all divided, to destroy America from within so that the New World Order can emerge.
I will also say this: Black America does not have a monopoly on pain, nor do you have it worse than anyone else. The average life expectancy of a Lakotah Sioux Indian man is 47.
The life expectancy of black men is 72.
The Lakotah have it so much worse than you that they often don’t even make it to 50. Do you have any idea how many people have to die very young for the average to be 47?
The life expectancy for white males who didn’t finish high scholl as of 2008 was 67.
There are larger systemic issues at play that I won’t discuss here that affect most of the population, albeit in different ways so that we don’t discern that the system is rigged in many against nearly all of us. We are enslaved through taxation and debt, and we are being systematically stripped of liberty.
We should work together to address injustices across the board, but the narrative as it’s presented and believed by most, is false.
However, when your culture is your real god, this is impossible to see.
Do you want to see real change? Repent of your own ways, powerless preachers, and preach a gospel that really is attended by the power of the Holy Spirit.