Prayer Alert: The Missing Nukes

I wasn’t going to post any alerts today, as I hadn’t sensed anything urgent in my spirit and the day was winding down. But then New York came to mind and I heard ‘the missing nukes.’

By some reports there are as many as 9 nuclear weapons that went unaccounted for during the Obama Presidency, and none have been recovered. I have sensed in my spirit that at least one is in New York, specifically Manhattan, and there is intent to use it in 2021. I have reported my suspicions, as well as other specific details I won’t include here. to the appropriate authorities.

Saints, we need to be praying that the plots of the enemies our nation be thwarted and exposed, and that those responsible would be brought to justice.

All the same, I would advise saints living in New York City to leave if they can.

God bless you, and God keep you.