The Stage is Being Set

After working in the garden this morning, I heard ‘The stage is being set.’

And much like a Broadway play, we have for years looked on what was going on around us in the world with indifference, amusement, or a degree of outrage that wasn’t quite enough to move us to meaningful action. Many flocked to whatever ministry most closely fit our preferences, biases, or opinions, and entertained ourselves with light shows, smoke machines, and a great deal of acivity that kept us busy, but not productive as a Body.

During these last few decades, the human agents of the Enemy took over the institutions of education, government, entertainment, and commerce. They used Hollywood as a prophetic voice to mold public opinion and normalize what just half a lifetime ago was distasteful, repulsive, or even unthinkable.

At the end of last year, I’d delivered a prophetic word that God had fired much of the church leadership. Shortly after, churches were closed down by government officials, and in some states they are trying to keep them closed for another year. Others, like DeBlasio in New York City, are threatening permanent closures. Most of the pieces are in place to force the institutional church to either comply with the ways of the world, or go underground.

What I’m saying now might have been thought of as crazy even a few months ago. Yet in recent weeks, during all of the lawless violence, we have seen a progression of ideas going from unthinkable to popularly endorsed. One city is officially going to abolish its police department. Chaos is already becoming the norm there. Now the same people behind this violent Marxist insurgency are calling for churches to be destroyed. History shows us that we’re following the same pattern as in every Marxist revolution: vandalism targeting specific groups, then destruction of monuments. After this comes the destruction of churches, and eventually the persecution of and mass murder of those who are ‘in the way’ of the ‘revolution.’

It’s time to put aside the gimmicks, and take on the sackcloth and ashes.