Supreme Court Decisions, part 2

Many people have wondered wby Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has continued to side with the radical left on so many critical decisions. The answer appears to be clear:

He was a client of infamous child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. I’ve said this for quiet some time.

Sexual blackmail is common in politics, and perhaps no blackmail of this sort is as effective as when it involves sex crimes against children. Like him or not, Donald Trump has relentlessly pursuing human traffickers, with more arrests being made than ever before. With the previous SDNY prosecutor out of the way, Maxwell, whose whereabouts had supposedly been unknown, turned out to be in new Hampshire, living in a posh house she’d purchased 8 months ago.

BBC News already published an online report dated July 11 that she had been rushed to intensive care because her Covid-19 symptoms were worsening, so it does seem that the powers of the Deep State have already planned to kill this high value prisoner.

Chief Justice Roberts, as well as many others, from Bill Clinton to Bill Gates, are on the Epstein flight logs.

Pray that the government keeps Ghislaine Maxwell alive so that justice falls swiftly upon them all.