The truth about the ‘riots’

I placed the word ‘riots’ in quotes because they aren’t really riots, and law enforcement around the country is making a grave error in dealing with them as riots. Genuine, spontaenous riots are often ended with ordinary dispersal methods. Yet these rioters come back, equipped with respiratiors and leaf blowers to combat tear gas. They come equipped for a fight, not for a protest, and use military tactics.

I’ve said it before in broadcasts, and I’ll repeat it now: these are terrorists. They are being funded and trained by China, and this is a war. These are not protesters, but enemy combatants recruited from our own people who have for years been indoctrinated with Marxist ideology through our educational systems which were infiltrated by the 1960s.

So what then, do we as the church, do? We need to fast and pray, and repent as a people of the sins our our nation, and pray that key leadership realizes the real threat and acts accordingly.