Prophetic Alert: The Lebanon blast

A catastropic tragedy has befallen the people of Lebanon, so why I am mindful of their pain, I must also address the coverup already being rolled out. We’re told that their government had stored 2600+ tons of sodium nitrate in their most critical port, where, if it exploded, it would cripple their economy for years to come, and kill many. We’re also told that a large amount of fireworks were stored nearby.

Either the Lebanese government is monumentally stupid, or we’re being lied to. So what is really going on here?

When I first saw video of the blast, my impression was that it was a tactical nuclear weapon, and that this was an attack. Not longer after, I saw another video in which, after an initial explosion, two things were visible: an apparent firefight at ground level, and a drone swooping in toward the left of the smoke column, dropping an object. About two seconds later, the massive blast occurs. Some have said this was a MOAB, but a maximum ordnance air burst is a large bomb, bout 16,000 lbs, so it’s too big for a drone that size.

We will probably never get a truthful answer about this from the media or the governments of the world. However, here are the impressions I’ve had of this prophetically:

  • It was a tactical nuke.
  • It keeps Ghislaine Maxwell and the release of the Epstein documents out of the news cycle.
  • Beirut was a major hub for human trafficking in that region.
  • It was perpetrated by the cabal for reasons I can’t state here.
  • This was a test run for a nuclear attack on US soil.

We need to be praying for the nuclear weapons that were unaccounted for during the Obama administration are found. Of the 8, three were neutralized before 2016, so 5 may still be at large.

We need to pray fervently for our nation.