Implications of the California Pedophile Law

Under the guise of ‘fairness,’ judges in California can now opt to not require people who sexually abuse children to register as sex offenders. Why is this a big deal?

It means that, when they apply for a job working with children, or in your church, their background check will not show that they are a convicted pedophile. This is very strategic spiritual warfare. The enemy is preparing for a massive mobilization of sexual predators to infiltrate and abuse children, people who will now be able to continue to abuse children sexually because their conviction status can be concealed.

Yet even this will not alarm the church into praying or taking decisive action in the political arena, because for decades we have been under leadership which is either compromised, complacent, or part of a vast conspiracy within the ranks of church leadership to destroy Christianity from within. This is why so much of the teaching in churches is so weak on faith and strong on humanism.

It is time for a new kind of leadership to emerge.

Will you be a part of it?