Sam Medina

Samuel Medina is a special messenger from God who has been commissioned to establish Sam MedinaGod’s order through His Word and the demonstration of His power. God has given him a peculiar anointing of authority to destroy bondage, set forth sound doctrine, and overturn heresy. He began to minister in song at the age of 3, and was called to the ministry of the Word at 8 years old. In all, brother Sam has served in ministry for many years, including work as a street evangelist, worship leader, graphic designer, teacher, and elder, and he has spoken at academic, evangelical, and business events across the country.

He is the best-selling author of 7 Keys to Prophetic Maturity, 7 Keys to Prophetic Protocol, and Katarina the Dragonslayer and The Foebreaker’s Curse. A Princeton graduate, he is also the founder of Unleash YOU, a firm specializing in business consulting and life coaching for visionaries.

He is the founder and chairman of The Restoration Group , a work dedicated to the establishment of Godís kingdom in every area of society and to the training and mentoring of leaders who will raise up a people prepared for Christís return.
The R.I.F.T. – The Restoration Interdenominational Fellowship Tabernacle serves as our online church, and functions as a place of restoration, refuge, and refinement for God’s people as they pursue His purpose. It is an integral part of, and serves under the apostolic covering of The Restoration Group.

RIFT School of the Prophets– A dynamic school which provides intensive, in-depth training for Christian leaders. This ministry features live and online instruction, prophetic schools, and personal mentorship programs. It also serves under the apostolic covering of The Restoration Group.

The Restoration Group Apostolic Network – The Restoration Group serves as the apostolic covering for all of our ministries, and serves to build relationships among leaders throughout the world. It also functions as an apostolic covering for various ministries in several countries.

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  • Valarie Jones July 1, 2018   Reply

    Prophet Medina a Thank you for speaking the truth in this season concerning the Phrophetic
    God help us. The church is under an attack and the Prophetic is being attacked ad we’ll
    Thank you so much. Be Bleed.

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