About Us

The Church was meant to be a society, a culture, a family.

We aim to be yours.


We are committed to the equipping, mentoring, and releasing of uncompromising Christians and Christian leaders in every walk of life, and to building strong communities of believers who will be living epistles of the Gospel who will edify, encourage, and support one another as we walk out our respective assignments.

We believe in and train leaders in establishing communities of believers initially comprised of tactical leadership units which are mentored through the overall insight, doctrine, and support of senior leadership. These units then serve as a sort of ‘city of refuge’ within their own communities with the aim of making disciples and establishing the works God has given them to do.

These small-scale fellowships, as well as more established works, and our upcoming app, ProphecyHUB are part of the overall ministry and mission of The Restoration Group, but act independently as they are led by God within the scope of their own individual purpose. Whether you are called to lead or determined to follow, The Restoration Group is apt to serve by walking with you in your journey of God’s purpose for you and yours.

God bless you, and God keep you.

Sam Medina, Chairman
The Restoration Group

You’re not alone anymore. 2 Corinthians 10:4 calls them the weapons of OUR warfare. Not yours. Not mine. It’s OUR warfare. We at the RIFT will not let you fight alone, walk alone, mourn alone, rejoice alone. Why? Because Christ said the world woud know us by our LOVE for one another.

We are committed to growing and loving God TOGETHER. Just like God led ALL the Israelites out of Egypt together, our motto is that we’re all coming out TOGETHER. If you long to be part of a dynamic community of the faith where the leadership mission is for you to become who God intended you to be, The Restoration Group is for you.

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