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The truth about the ‘riots’

I placed the word ‘riots’ in quotes because they aren’t really riots, and law enforcement around the country is making a grave error in dealing with them as riots. Genuine, spontaenous riots are often ended with ordinary dispersal methods. Yet these rioters come back, equipped with respiratiors and leaf blowers to combat tear gas. They come equipped for a fight, not for a protest, and use military tactics.

I’ve said it before in broadcasts, and I’ll repeat it now: these are terrorists. They are being funded and trained by China, and this is a war. These are not protesters, but enemy combatants recruited from our own people who have for years been indoctrinated with Marxist ideology through our educational systems which were infiltrated by the 1960s.

So what then, do we as the church, do? We need to fast and pray, and repent as a people of the sins our our nation, and pray that key leadership realizes the real threat and acts accordingly.

Restoration instead of Recrimination

We are now so morally and emotionally bankrupt as a society that we allowed ourselves to be conditioned to believe that the absence of dysfunction is privilege.
This is a strategy of the enemy to breed envy on one side, and resentment on the other, when we should have loved one another to build a better future together.
We can easily get caught up in this dynamic, and a clear example of it is the interactions in which one person says ‘Black lives matter,’ and the other person responds ‘All lives matter,’ as if this should be an argument instead of a conversation.
While that movement has been distorted by people with wicked, divisive motives, there is nothing wrong with the statement ‘Black lives matter.’ Within that statement is the cry of a piece of our society that is hurting, that may perhaps be articulated as ‘I’m hurting. Why doesn’t it matter to YOU?’
We can argue whether it matters to some of us or most of us, but the truth is we as people in general have a tendency to listen to RESPOND, and not to UNDERSTAND, so while some of us care, we haven’t always understood, because we haven’t loved one another to try to understand. This is true on all sides.
The answers, complex though they may be, must begin with REPENTANCE, and a genuine submission to the Lordship of Christ, that our hearts may be purified and we are thereby made better able to forgive one another and engage in restoration rather than recriminations.
Where we go one, we go all.

The Floyd False Flag

George Floyd was a false flag event staged to be the supposed inspiration for all of this planned rioting and looting. Look up the mugshots of ‘Derek Chauvin.’ It’s not the same man from the video.

  • Younger
  • Different hairline
  • Different shape of head
  • Different jawline
  • Ears are set lower on the head

When they ‘checked’ Floyd for a pulse, enlarging the video reveals a syringe in the hand of the ‘EMT’ who has no EMT gear and does not perform any first aid or immobilize the head as would be standard procedure for a possible neck injury.
Floyd KNEW Chauvin, yet never speaks his name. Ths suggests he didn’t know the man on his neck. The man has most of his weight on the other knee on the ground, which explains why Floyd is able to move his head.
The amount of time the ‘cop’ is on his neck is 8 minutes 46 seconds.
The first WTC Tower was attacked at 8:46 AM.
There are no coincidences here.
A man identical to this ‘cop’ was at Sandy Hook AND the Boston Marathon bombing.

One thing I am certain of is that this IS a false flag.

As for the narrative of police brutality against blacks, that is also false. For the last 10 years in a row, more whites have been killed by police. In some years it is a LOT more, with one year seeing more than twice as many whites killed by police.
Most killings by police are lawful. The media will tell you a man was unarmed, but won’t tell you, for example, that the man ambushed an officer, knocked him down, took his taser and used it on him, then tried to take his gun. Out of the millions of police interactions with blacks in the last few years, 12 have been exploited as a wrongful death, and some of these were actually self defense.
However, at present, and for at least 10 years now, the data simply doesn’t support the narrative that police are racist and that there is systemic racism in law enforcement.
Has there been a lot of injustice in the past? Surely. But even that history is taught deceitfully. According to the records kept by the ships that transported slaves to America, a total of about 380,000 african slaves were imported, versus over 500,000 white slaves. This is to say nothing of the millions of white slaves sold elsewhere.
About 4.5% of whites owned slaves. 28% of free blacks owned slaves, and one of the biggest owners of slaves in the South was a black man. named WIlliam Ellison.
Even the idea that there is systemic oppression of black people is untrue. Most of the black community’s problems stem from amorality and the absence of fathers in the home. EVERY white community which has similar absences of fathers in the home has the same social problems. Instead of crack, they have meth.
Some of you will want to debate this, so let’s look at a bit of history often ignored by this ‘systemic racism’ narrative. During the early 1900s, the black communities in major cities were becoming more affluent than white communities. This was at the height of police brutality and KKK activity. Somehow, with the deck heavily stacked against it, the black community was still thriving. Why? Fathers were in the home then, and communities developed their own businesses, schools, healthcare, banks etc.., so money didn’t leave the community as it does now.
Are there some systemic factors? Yes, but it’s not entirely that.
You’re being lied to, but it’s a lie many want to believe because then it justifies, at least to them, the violent and lawless behavior being displayed. That preachers have been defending this behavior is absolutely disgraceful.
The goal here is to keep us all divided, to destroy America from within so that the New World Order can emerge.
I will also say this: Black America does not have a monopoly on pain, nor do you have it worse than anyone else. The average life expectancy of a Lakotah Sioux Indian man is 47.
The life expectancy of black men is 72.
The Lakotah have it so much worse than you that they often don’t even make it to 50. Do you have any idea how many people have to die very young for the average to be 47?
The life expectancy for white males who didn’t finish high scholl as of 2008 was 67.
There are larger systemic issues at play that I won’t discuss here that affect most of the population, albeit in different ways so that we don’t discern that the system is rigged in many against nearly all of us. We are enslaved through taxation and debt, and we are being systematically stripped of liberty.
We should work together to address injustices across the board, but the narrative as it’s presented and believed by most, is false.
However, when your culture is your real god, this is impossible to see.
Do you want to see real change? Repent of your own ways, powerless preachers, and preach a gospel that really is attended by the power of the Holy Spirit.

A word to leadership in lockdown

4 months ago, as I addressed the complicity of church leadership in allowing unspeakable evil behind the scenes, I’d said ‘Y’all are FIRED.’

‘This word has come to pass.

Many of you pastors will NOT get your church back.

Even in this present crisis, you continue to hustle and try to cling to your influence (and the revenue it brought you).

I decree to you this day, YOUR MANTLE IS TAKEN, and YOUR STAFF IS BROKEN.

Your charisma will wither like grass in the fire, and you will find yourself losing the power you held over people. For many of you, this crisis is your last chance to repent in sackloth and ashes. For some of you, there is no place of repentance.

Repent while you can.

This is a season of exposure

Pastors are waiting for the pandemic to end so they can go back to healing the sick
I laughed when I saw this meme, but as I have prayed and pondered the present worldwide 'pandemic,' my heart grew heavy. One of the many things this situation has exposed has been the utter powerlessness of church leadership as a whole.

Early in February, before all the lockdowns began, I also saw that a ministry had cancelled a healing revival because of Covid-19. The ministry and minister, whose name I won’t mention right now, was presumably so confident of how God would use them to heal the sick that they had scheduled a healing revival. Yet when a real disease emerged in the headlines, they cancelled their meetings. If indeed they are gifted in healing, why would this virus, with a very low fatality rate, be too much for them?

The ugly truth is that so much of what passes for healing ministry in today’s church is fraudulent, and even some of those who are at times used in healing are intimidated by media-inspired hysteria. NO matter which way we slice it, this exposes the majority of Christian leadership as powerless cowards.

I know, that seems harsh, but let’s remember John G. lake, who had the doctors place a sample of the Bubonic Plague in his hand. It sizzled as the power of God consumed it. Time would fail us to mention the many real healing ministries in which the preachers was utterly fearless in the face of even the most deadly diseases. One of the characteristics of a genuine anointing is courage.

We can argue that not everyone has such a ministry. However, we have the same God! The same Holy Spirit was given to us. What then do we do?

It is time we repent of our own ways, and yield to the leading and Lordship of Christ through the Holy Spirit, and ask Him to cleanse us of the fear that has come upon so many because we have trusted the words of men over that of God.

Whose report will you believe?

TD Jakes – Time is Running Out!

Recently TD Jakes, in an interview with Huffington Post, said that his position on the LGBT movement and its place in the church ‘has evolved, and is evolving.’ He went on to say that the church needs to shift toward acceptance of ‘gay christians.’ Now, considering that Scripture in 1 Corinthians 5 specifically tells us that unrepentant immorality has no place in the church at all, his position is heretical at best. Let’s talk about why.

A word concerning the Supreme Court Decision on so-called Gay Marriage

No matter which way you slice it, Jesus Christ only ever defined marriage as being the union of male and female, as God made it in the very beginning of mankind. America has come to this point not simply because they refused to repent, but because the Church refuses to repent.
I think this is the first time in years that I’ve delivered a prophetic message that brought me to tears.


A fast for the Church in North America

Sanctify ye a fast, call a solemn assembly, gather the elders and all the inhabitants of the land into the house of the Lord your God, and cry unto the Lord, Alas for the day! for the day of the Lord is at hand, and as a destruction from the Almighty shall it come. (Joel 1:14-15)

I was talking to a prophet I know about how something seems unsettled in the spirit when I heard ‘Sanctify a fast.’

Now, I will lay on none of you any burden, but rather call those who are able and willing to commit to fasting until 3PM tomorrow and to pray as you are led for God’s people here in North America.

We have out-sinned Sodom, and the church does not grieve. The church has outdone Rehoboam in its self-will driven worship… Lord have mercy.

Ferguson – Don’t believe the hype!

This whole things stinks of divide and conquer. Resentment, hatred, riots and people hating one another because of their race play very well into the agendas of the elite, folks. Michael Brown’s death is being used to create a frenzy, while the media is silent about a 12 year old boy being shot dead by a police officer. Why? Ferguson was apparently a more fertile ground to incite riots.

Examine the evidence, come to your own conclusions, but please, whatever you think happened or didn’t happen, don’t let it diminish your love and compassion for others. Vandalism ad destruction won’t bring the dead back, but it sure will make those who hate you for no good reason feel justified, and may even convert others to their cause.

The grand jury made its decision. Let’s move on and be better people than whoever we think was at fault, and find better ways to bring about the change we want to see.

World Vision hasn’t changed…

What’s closer to the truth is that it is now politically ‘safer’ for an entity such as World Vision to support homosexuality, and so they’ve gone public with what was likely to have been the position of its core leadership anyway. That may sound cynical to some of you, but we live in a day when many religious leaders are openly taking positions so diametrically opposed to the clearly stated laws of God that it’s hard to imagine that such positions were recently decided upon. Thus far in my experience such things are more indicative of long-held beliefs that were kept quiet for fear of the loss of support. David didn’t just suddenly kill a man to cover up Bathsheba’s pregnancy. If he’d honored the Law in the first place, he wouldn’t have slept with her, and prior to that he’d refused to follow the Law when he failed to punish his own daughter’s rapist. Thus we see that David’s seeming sudden departure from the Law was part of a pattern of lawlessness that had been emerging for some time, and so it is with most of us.

I urge all of you who stand for righteousness to find other avenues to support missionary work. Indeed, support your local missionaries directly, so that most of the money doesn’t go toward paying the organizations who take your money then make the missionaries raise their own support anyway… We can do better.

Some thoughts on ‘minimum’ wage…

Why is it that most of my fellow Christian conservatives will cry doom and gloom over the idea of people being paid a living wage, but don’t have a cross word to say about CEOs being paid 750x as much as their AVERAGE employee (never mind the entry level ones), or about how they’ll lay off thousands of people, then pay themselves a bonus equal to the combined salaries of those people? My Bible still declares the wrath of God against those who oppress the hireling in his wages.

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Today’s events at the Boston Marathon leave many afraid, and many more with unanswered questions. It is our hope and prayer that the truth of what was behind this incident is exposed, and those responsible are brought to justice.


Whatever the motivation behind it, what is certain is that there is a culture of fear attempting to assert itself through apparent acts of terrorism. Even though violent crime has been in a steady decline for years, there has been far greater media attention placed on incidents of violence than before, and there if a definite agenda behind this attention.

Please join us as we pray for the families of the victims, and for justice to prevail.

Shootings and Mental Illness

“The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him.”
Ezekiel 18:20

There’s a lot of rhetoric these days which attempts to ascribe acts of evil to ‘mental illness.’ With the latest shooting tragedy, the media and people in general have been quick to label the killer as ‘crazy,’ or ‘mentally ill,’ and while he surely seemed to be not entirely sane in the sense that his mind wasn’t clean or right, I can’t say he wasn’t responsible for his actions. He was rational enough to choose a place where he was far less likely to be challenged by someone capable of defending against his attack. He was rational enough to choose easy victims. This is, of course, assuming he actually did it. There is a lot evidence to suggest that Adam Lanza did not act alone, or that he may not have been the shooter at all, but we’ll address that in another entry.

Yes, some may point out that people displaying sociopathic tendencies and behavior often have an abnormally small, or dysfunctional amygdala, which is the gland in the brain that seems to govern impulse control, moral compunction, and empathy. However, what many neurologists have yet to admit to is the possibility that one’s continued thoughts, decisions, and actions may actually affect the function of the amygdala. It would appear to me that this gland is one of the principal connections of the soul to the body. Bear in mind that we were originally create to live in physical bodies, and that the soul and spirit were created to live in and function with the bodies God designed. Thus I am inclined to believe that a continual state of sin, whether in thought or deed, may actually reduce or hamper the function of the amygdala, which in turn renders the person disinhibited… it gives them a ‘seared conscience,’ if you will, or, as my friend Gene Redlin would call it, a ‘dead soul.’

I am beginning to suspect that many of the chemical and biological aspects of apparent mental illness are in many cases actually the physical symptoms of the spiritual condition of the individual, and the consequence of sin and of habitual thought patterns.