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  • What I do when I’m in need
    And which of you with taking thought can add to his stature one cubit? Luke 12:25 Whenever I find myself in serious need, or facing intense spiritual attack, instead of just engaging the enemy and rebuking, binding etc (which I do), I will purposefully pray for others for an extended period of time. Why? Very often intense attacks from the enemy are intended to not […]
  • You never have to TRY to prophesy
    Beware any ‘prophetic’ movement which encourages you to ‘try’ to prophesy, or to ‘exercise the prophetic muscle.’ There was NEVER any prophet in scripture who was in right standing with God who ever needed to TRY or exercise in prophecy. Either the Word of the Lord came to them, or it did not.The basis for all REAL prophecy is not only that GOD has revealed […]
  • Supreme Court Decisions, part 2
    Many people have wondered wby Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has continued to side with the radical left on so many critical decisions. The answer appears to be clear: He was a client of infamous child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. I’ve said this for quiet some time. Sexual blackmail is common in politics, and perhaps no blackmail of this sort is as effective as […]
  • The Stage is Being Set
    After working in the garden this morning, I heard ‘The stage is being set.’ And much like a Broadway play, we have for years looked on what was going on around us in the world with indifference, amusement, or a degree of outrage that wasn’t quite enough to move us to meaningful action. Many flocked to whatever ministry most closely fit our preferences, biases, or […]
  • Replace it with prayer
    The disciples spent 3 years with the greatest preacher to ever walk the earth, and yet they never said ‘Teach us to preach.’ They said, ‘Lord, teach us to pray.’As Leonard Ravenhill often said, no man is greater than his prayer life. So often we have replaced prayer with branding, clever marketing, programs, 6 point sermons, well-meant witnessing methods, with worry, fear, gossip,complaining, and all […]

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