A word to leadership in lockdown

4 months ago, as I addressed the complicity of church leadership in allowing unspeakable evil behind the scenes, I’d said ‘Y’all are FIRED.’

‘This word has come to pass.

Many of you pastors will NOT get your church back.

Even in this present crisis, you continue to hustle and try to cling to your influence (and the revenue it brought you).

I decree to you this day, YOUR MANTLE IS TAKEN, and YOUR STAFF IS BROKEN.

Your charisma will wither like grass in the fire, and you will find yourself losing the power you held over people. For many of you, this crisis is your last chance to repent in sackloth and ashes. For some of you, there is no place of repentance.

Repent while you can.

A New Apostolic Era has Begun


A new season is upon you, one in which the genuine apostolic mantle will be manifested, and you will begin to realize that you’ve been reading the Bible the way it’s been preached to you.

And it was preached to you wrong.


Get out of the way, old guard.

The Lord has taken His flock from you, and He will turn it over to shepherds after HIS heart, who LOVE his flock, and who never forget that it is HIS.

Many who were called to leadership, but were rejected by the church, have been in obscurity, preparing, being seasoned and tempered, and now they will begin to emerge.

They won’t be who you expected.
They won’t have the look or personality you’re used to.

They will, however, have a conspicuous anointing that will burn with the fire of God.

They will have the power, the presence, and the priorities of HIS kingdom.

Loud sounding gong? A Word on ‘harsh’ prophecies

Delivering a prophecy that seems harsh to our modern sensibilities doesn’t make you a loud-sounding gong without love, contrary to the absolute tripe being taught today.

There was once a prophet who said things like:

Generation of vipers! (Matt. 12:34)
Though you are exalted to heaven, you shall be brought down to hell. (Luke 10:15)
I will profess to them ‘Depart from me, ye who work iniquity, for I never knew you.’ (Matt. 7:23)

He also cursed a defenseless tree for not having fruit.

Who was this mean old ogre of a prophet?


Today’s teaching on how the prophetic must always be uplifiting would condemn JESUS as not having love.

The truth is that we often fail to understand what the Bible teaches because we read it the way it’s been erroneously preached to us. Prophecy is for edification, exhortation, and comfort, but this does not mean it will always be comfortable.

In the US Marine Corps, my Drill Sergeants edified me, getting me into the greatest shape I’ve ever been in. They exhorted with tremendous intensity. Their training is now a comfort when there’s an emergency or danger of any kind.

Some may argue that we’re still supposed to be gentle, but not all situations call for what we now regard as gentle.

Feel free to call me harsh.

The lake of fire is harsher than anything I could possibly say to you.

Am I your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

Do you know YOUR mission?

The mission of the church was never to merely build impressive buildings in which we can gather together for an entertaining time of shallow ‘worship,’ and preaching that is more motivational than it is foundational.
Leaders, will you dare see beyond your own motives, past your own goals, and even beyond your well-meaning but limited present perception of the vision God gave you?
I challenge you this day to turn down your plate, get on your face, and clear your calendar to seek God like never before.
Can you become desperate for a depth of fellowship with God rarely seen in this world, one that will transform our lives, family, and ministries into the unshakable, undeniable, incorruptible, sick-healing, demon-vanquishing, blind eye opening, miracle-working, dead raising light of the world that it could be if we could only just get delivered from US?

Are leaders EXEMPT from criticism?

I often hear or read of leaders using phrases like ‘touch not mine anointed,’ or ‘who can stretch forth his hand against the Lord’s anointed and be guiltless?’ to silence criticism, and over the years I’ve noticed a disturbing tendency: Leaders in the Western church have become very adroit at evading any meaningful accountability, often claiming that only other leaders will hold them accountable, which usually reminds me of certain government agencies investigating themselves and finding that they did nothing wrong… Some go so far as to say that they are only  accountable to God. Are church leaders right to shield themselves from accountability which comes from those under their authority? Let’s find out what the Bible has to say. about this.

Do you want your vision to really grow?

“Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” –Proverbs 29:18

There is a direct correlation between a righteous lifestyle and clarity of vision. I know, preachers, you love to use this verse to convince the people that they need to be under your vision in order to achieve their destiny, but that’s not what this verse is dealing with.

While your vision as a leader may be instrumental to their walk, there is a vision God intended for their life, their family, their career, their influence in the world. Your highest function as their leader after watching for their soul is not to find some clever way to cajole or manipulate them into fulfilling your vision, bt rather equipping them to insure the fulfillment of theirs.

Oh, shepherds of the house of the most high! How long will you preach on the value of serving and not serve the underlying purpose for which God brought those people to you in the first place? Do you not see how great a sin there is in serving yourself?

If you only knew how your vision would grow if you would but repent of this.

Church growth blues…

Leaders, it’s foolishness to complain about people not wanting to ‘sit under’ your leadership when your church is full of people whose life has no genuine direction outside of whatever role you’ve assigned them in furthering YOUR personal agenda of ministerial ambition. God may send some to specifically help with your vision, but most people will be sent to receive guidance for theirs. Until you can recognize that God’s ‘big picture’ is bigger than yours, don’t expect your church to grow much spiritually or numerically.
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A season for breakthrough?

Prophets, have you been telling people that THIS is the year of breakthrough for decades while the only people getting a ‘breakthrough’ are you, by way of the larger offerings excited (and gullible) people give?

Come on, folks. Wise up. You’re still broke, year after year listening to these charlatans. Keep your money and do something useful with it. When Isaac sowed in a time of famine, he sowed into HIS OWN BUSINESS, not into some preacher’s pocket. That’s where YOUR hundred fold increase is, in the stewardship of your own house, not in someone else’s. It’s good to give, and God will bless you for it, but please use better judgment in your giving.

Thoughts on church leadership…

Preachers, if giving really releases prosperity, your churches wouldn’t be full of broke people. Despite how you’d want to place the blame fortheir lack on them, the truth is that YOU are the leader and where they are is a reflection of where you’re taking them. Moses operated under the LAW, and the whole nation prospered. You were given a better covenant, and the best most of you can do is to lin…e your own pockets at someone else’s expense while never giving them so much as a strategy for achievement.

You can keep your religious entertainment, and you better hope my business objectives are never met, because if they are, I will plant churches in all your cities and snatch God’s people away from your grasp. How long will they stay in your pimping center when the real deal becomes available to them?

I’m not calling you to repentance, because most of you are past that. I’m just letting you know that you’re running out of time.

Validating ministries?

The insistence by church leaders that your call must somehow have their endorsement to be ‘validated’ is often nothing more than man’s jealous attempt to retain control over people. usually the reasoning behind this is that a genuine calling will always be recognized by established authority. In Jesus’ day, the recognized authorities were the law scholars, the Pharisees, the saducees, and a priest…hood whose high priest was chosen by the Roman government… and these people were the ones who had Jesus crucified. The truth is that while sometimes leadership will validate your call, very often they will suppress you or even try to set you up to stumble.I’ve known leaders who preach this covering/validation doctrine, and they were some of the most jealous, controlling people I’ve ever known. I recall one night when an invited preacher hadn’t arrived yet, they stalled by asking if anyone had any testimonies. An unassuming young man raised his hand and told of how he encountered an insane homeless man with a shin that was crooked because it had broken years ago and healed poorly. The young man prayed for the leg to be straightened, and commanded the spirits in the man to leave and never return. The next time he encountered this man, he was in clean clothes, in his right mind, working a job, and walking on a STRAIGHT leg.

The look on the presiding preacher’s face was one I’ll never forget. Rather than glorifying God right away, envy took hold of his features before he dismissed that powerful testimony with insincere praise toward the God he claimed to represent.

Leaders, you should want the folks in your church to work greater miracles than you do. Never forget that fathers always acquire most of their honor through their sons. Disagree? Just remember that every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord for the glory of God the Father. Lay your jealousy and personal agenda aside!

If God has really called you, it may very well happen that no established leader will ‘validate’ that call. The pastor of the young man in the example above actually went to great lengths to make sure that the young preacher would not be welcome anywhere in the region. Don’t look for man’s validation. Obey God’s call.

Do clothes make the Man of God?

Listen up, my brothers who lead in churches of color. I know, churches of all ethnicities are often guilty in this area, but today I am appealing to you. Please, stop trying to emulate the catholic church with the elaborate vestments and ‘pope’ hats. If you do some research, or investigate the matter in prayer, you will find that the vestments and croziers of which you have become so enamoured originate in ancient Babylon’s mystery religion.

Put off these pretentious garments, and put on Christ. Emulation is a work of the flesh, and God has called you far above the need to indicate your office by what you wear.

There was once a man who was said to be an apostle. While at a conference, he fell behind the group that was on its way to the hotel penthouse for a private meeting of the apostles. Now, a special keycard was required to reach the penthouse. Without it, the elevator would stop at the 10th floor. The man got on the elevator, hit the button for the penthouse, and a few moments later, he stepped out onto the top floor and went to the meeting. For the duration of the conference, he was the only person who could access the penthouse without a keycard.

When God has really called you, his hand upon your life will set you apart in a way that no attire can, and it will open doors that no man can shut. #PutOnChrist