Delusions, Confusion and Prophetic Collusion


There’s a whole lot of crazy stuff that goes on in prophetic ministry. The other day I had some prophet telling me that their nonsensical ‘prophecy’ was ‘the teacheth of the Holy Spirit,’ and further informed me that God had said so… let’s talk.

Are Grace and Law REALLY opposites?

So often I hear people say things like ‘we’re under grace, not law,’ and usually this is when they’re excusing behavior they know to be wrong. Part of the problem is that many of us just don’t know what grace really is, and therefore have a distorted perception of what law is and how it relates to us under the New Covenant of Jesus Christ. In this Youtube video, we’ll take a look at what the Bible has to say about law and grace and whether they really are opposed to one another.

The ‘Secret’ to 100% Prophetic Accuracy

Prophetic accuracy isn’t rocket science, and contrary to what’s commonly taught today, 100% accuracy is not just possible, but it ought to be the norm. How then, can we ensure that we hear clearly from God so that we always deliver a timely, accurate word?


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For the inaugural podcast of The RIFT Online Church, the Lord led me to Ezekiel 37 in regard to the coming move of God that so many of us have been waiting for.

There are many of you living in what looks like defeat and reproach, but God is overturning it to bring you into your intended purpose.