Replace it with prayer

The disciples spent 3 years with the greatest preacher to ever walk the earth, and yet they never said ‘Teach us to preach.’ They said, ‘Lord, teach us to pray.’
As Leonard Ravenhill often said, no man is greater than his prayer life. So often we have replaced prayer with branding, clever marketing, programs, 6 point sermons, well-meant witnessing methods, with worry, fear, gossip,complaining, and all the silent agonies of a guilty conscience.

The gospels have no stories of Jesus praying for the sick. He simply healed them. Why? Because He had already been praying. He had a life of prayer so intimate that the life of God could flow through Him ata moment’s notice whenever it was needed.

My challenge to you today is a simple one:

  • Replace worry with prayer.
    Replace fear with prayer.
  • Replace guilt with prayer.
  • Replace gossip with prayer.
  • Replace your ideas with prayer.

The very will of God is present with you by way of the indwelling Holy Spirit, so never mind whether He’s willing to answer.

His WILL is with you.

It lives INSIDE you.


Everything was already answered at Calvary.Pray.


Prayer Alert: The Missing Nukes

I wasn’t going to post any alerts today, as I hadn’t sensed anything urgent in my spirit and the day was winding down. But then New York came to mind and I heard ‘the missing nukes.’

By some reports there are as many as 9 nuclear weapons that went unaccounted for during the Obama Presidency, and none have been recovered. I have sensed in my spirit that at least one is in New York, specifically Manhattan, and there is intent to use it in 2021. I have reported my suspicions, as well as other specific details I won’t include here. to the appropriate authorities.

Saints, we need to be praying that the plots of the enemies our nation be thwarted and exposed, and that those responsible would be brought to justice.

All the same, I would advise saints living in New York City to leave if they can.

God bless you, and God keep you.

My simple approach to seeking God

Do you REALLY want to know God?

Proverbs 25:2 tells us:

It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.

There are things God will want you to seek and search out, and knowing Him is one of them. The carnal mind will balk at this idea, dismissing it as ‘religious,’ when the truth is that when you truly desire intimacy with God the hours you might spend in prayer, study of the word, and worship will fly by. They do not become a matter of ritualistic duty but rather they are driven by passion to know Him.

Now, it may not begin that way. Indeed, you may need t wean yourself off self-indulgent habits which render you ‘too busy’ to be so ‘religious.’ You may have to lock yourself in a room, remove the distractions and force yourself to pray at first because sometimes this beast we call the flesh can be wild and unwilling to be tamed, and very often God will leave up to you to die daily, not to prove anything to Him, but to reveal to YOU the true condition of your heart toward Him.

This process doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be this simple:

1. Set aside time to read the Bible daily. Take your time going through it, consider the words, weigh them in your heart and mind, reflect upon them, pray them back to the Lord.

2. Pray. It’s probably impossible to pray too much. Set aside specific time for prayer, but also pray when you’re driving, pray when you’re cooking, when you’re exercising, when you’re cutting the grass, changing the baby, cleaning the house, on your way to a meeting. Don’t ask for stuff. Communicate with God, ask Him questions about Him. Moses, after seeing the 10 plagues and watching the Red Sea part, still said ‘SHOW ME YOUR GLORY.’

3. Spend time in worship, with no agenda. Remember that the Lamb is worthy of more honor, love, and glory than we could ever bestow upon Him. He is WORTHY whether He answers you or not. The Lord of all creation is above every praise anyone could ever utter, and yet he longs for intimacy with us. Consider the magnitude of this when you worship.

God has heard YOU!

A reminder to all true believers that your prayers have not been in vain… God hears the prayers of the righteous, so we should remember that it’s never a matter of IF He will answer, but WHEN!

How to prophesy, Part 1

The short answer on ‘how’ to prophesy isn’t so much a matter of ‘stepping out in faith’ as it is a matter of learning to listen to the Father. Think about it. Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Elijah, etc., never had to step out in faith or try to prophesy. The Word of the Lord CAME TO THEM.

If they didn’t have to try, no one under the better covenant of grace needs to try, either. Instead, relax, earnestly pray for your brethren, and listen for what the Father may have to say.

Don’t stress if he doesn’t say anything, or show you anything all the time. Remember that your first ministry is worship. The gifts flow more readily from that place.

One thing I used to do, and still do from time to time is I get up before everyone else in the house, and get quiet before God. During that time I either don’t speak at all, or I speak to no one but God. If you try this, be sure to plan ahead with spouses and family members so they don’t think you’ve gone off the deep end. 

A lot of times our lives and minds are so cluttered with ‘noise’ that doesn’t even matter, and we are either distracted or just neglect the fine art of listening to UNDERSTAND instead of to respond.

That also helps in our human relationships. Because we focus so much on how we want to respond or what we want to say next, we frequently misunderstand each other. Not surprisingly, we do the same thing with God, so even when we do hear/see something from him, it’s distorted by the noise of life, culture, opinion, and so on.

So, get quiet, and start listening to understand, and see what happens

Do YOU need a word from the Lord?

Do you need a word from the Lord? Do you want a sure word of prophecy because you need answers now?

For the next two days, spend one hour praying for someone else who needs to hear from God. You don’t need to ask them what their need is; pray in the spirit, pray that they hear the Lord clearly, that any obstacles to clarity be identified and removed, that they mend any fences that need mending, and eat any crow that needs eating, so to speak. Pray that their passion for their first works returns, that they seek His face and not his hand, that their worship would be pure and their life unsullied by the weight of sin and the carnal, petty, and selfish motives that so often beset us all.

Instead of asking some prophet for a word today, pick someone and intercede for them as if they were your dearest family member and they were going to die unsaved.

Don’t just do this because you want a word for yourself, but do it to release the understandable, but selfish human tendency to obsess over our own needs. Remember, God turned Job’s captivity when he prayed for his friends.

I believe that for quite a few of you, you will find a new place of intimacy with God in doing this.

Be blessed

It’s not over!

Your pain does not determine your position! Just because it hurts now, just because it may look like it’s all said and done, just because God didn’t answer the last 237 times you asked him to deliver you, doesn’t mean anything other than your appointed time has not yet come.

You may have been cast down, but you were called up high. You might not look like much, but the hope of glory lives in you. Your life story might be one of seeming defeat, drudgery, despair and doom, but it falls to me to tell you today that it’s not over until you overcome!