Cutting off all contact with the false prophet.

Cutting off all contact with the false prophet. This is absolutely crucial to your restoration if you have been victimized by a false prophet. Many saints make the mistake of keeping in touch with a false prophet, or continuing to watch/listen to their ministry programming, and this is a grave mistake because in so doing they are exposing themselves to the false anointing of that prophet and the spirits that accompany it.

Now, some will advocate forgiveness, and it is commendable to forgive. However, this doesn’t mean we should continue to expose ourselves to something unwholesome. If the prophet is continuing in operating in error, we can forgive without granting that person access to us. You could forgive someone for stealing your car, but that doesn’t mean you throw them the keys afterward, especially if you know they’re still stealing cars! Remember, we are to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness (Ephesians 5:11), and 1 Corinthians 5 does instruct us to shun those who claim to be brethren but who refuse to turn from sin.

A word on direction

‘Why do you seek the living among the dead?’
-Luke 24:5
Some of you lack direction because you keep trying to find your destiny in things God appointed to die in your life, while you keep mistaking the dream he resurrected for something common, like a gardener.

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God doesn’t want us to be rich…

God doesn’t want us to be rich, He wants us to be wealthy.

Wealth is more than money and property; it is the abundance of resources, and it includes knowledge, expertise, gifting, relationships, and more.

This is a season of both release and acquisition, and the degree to which you release what God has placed in you for his people will determine your degree of acquisition.

The key target for acquisition in this season is relationships which will be conducive to the sharpening and completeness of your function in the kingdom. This in turn will position you to be able to release into the lives of others; you will not only be able to put your gifts to use, but you will be able to set the gifts of others in motion, which furthers the potential for your gift to make room for you.

The provision and increase will be a result of this process.

So get moving, already.