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Social Media Ministries are causing a Panic!

Popular preachers like Jonas Clark have been for some time writing articles about how social media ministries are somehow renegades and not real ministries if they are not part of the institutional church system. In one recent article, Clark seems to suggest that those who minister via social media without being connected to a local church, or without immediate local accountability, have a ‘jezebel’ spirit. In this video, we examine this logic and see if it really makes sense.

Does God disapprove of those who minister primarily or only via social media?

Does a minister have to be a member of a local church or accountable to local church authority?

Does having local church membership prove the validity, authenticity, and soundness of a ministry?

Some Biblical leaders who were not a part of the religious system of their time include Amos, John the Baptist, and Jesus.

In the case of Jesus, the religious establishment had him crucified! Let’s talk.

I decree and declare! Oh, Really?

These days a lot of prophets have been busy in social media and elsewhere, telling folks that they have the authority to speak int someone’s life, and that God will make their word come to pass. Usually this belief comes with ‘decrees’ and ‘declarations’ in which they assert that if you type ‘amen’ or click that like button, you will receive whatever blessing they happen to be pronouncing on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

Let’s examine this claim in the light of scripture. What does the Bible have to say about this?