Why God REFUSES to bless you

Sometimes people aren’t as blessed as they want to be because it’s just not their season, but sometimes there are other reasons, including God’s refusal to bless us because we won’t steward his blessing well.

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Some thoughts on ‘minimum’ wage…

Why is it that most of my fellow Christian conservatives will cry doom and gloom over the idea of people being paid a living wage, but don’t have a cross word to say about CEOs being paid 750x as much as their AVERAGE employee (never mind the entry level ones), or about how they’ll lay off thousands of people, then pay themselves a bonus equal to the combined salaries of those people? My Bible still declares the wrath of God against those who oppress the hireling in his wages.

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Household Finance – Saving on Car Maintenance

In today’s western world, it’s usually pretty hard to get around if you don’t have your own vehicle. When you do, maintenance for your vehicle is an expense you have to plan for if you’re going to get your house in financial order. If you’re on a tight budget, or trying to economize so that you can start a business, take a vacation, or just build up your savings, then there’s a number of things you can do to reduce the cost of your car’s upkeep. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should prove helpful.

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