Delusions, Confusion and Prophetic Collusion


There’s a whole lot of crazy stuff that goes on in prophetic ministry. The other day I had some prophet telling me that their nonsensical ‘prophecy’ was ‘the teacheth of the Holy Spirit,’ and further informed me that God had said so… let’s talk.

Romans 9 – The Sovereign Grace of God in Christ

Grace isn’t just forgiveness and forbearance, it is the divine influence which is intended to bring the Lordship of God into our life. You don’t have to live in defeat, because Christ provided not only forgiveness, but the power to become the sons of God. Let’s talk.


There’s a purpose in your struggle

This is the recording of our LIVE discipleship training which occurs every Thursday. As part of our series on the Book of Judges, we take a close look at Judges Chapter 3 to gain an understanding of the reasons why we struggle, and our responsibilities in the covenant of grace in Jesus Christ.

The Prophetic Demands Discipline

In Matthew 14:23, Mark 1:35, and Luke ^:12, for example we are told that Jesus would go off alone to pray, sometimes before the sun was up. This shows us a pattern of prayer discipline we would do well to follow.

Something you must understand about the prophetic mantle is that its proper administration demands a life of discipline. The prophet who is always running his mouth, can’t keep a secret, doesn’t fast, can’t pray for long, won’t study the word in depth, and cannot overcome personal emotions, their own ego, and the opinions of others will always be a prophet with little substance.

For the inaugural podcast of The RIFT Online Church, the Lord led me to Ezekiel 37 in regard to the coming move of God that so many of us have been waiting for.

There are many of you living in what looks like defeat and reproach, but God is overturning it to bring you into your intended purpose.